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    Default Sanjay Dutt's next titled Policegiri

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    Tamil remakes are hot favourites this season and joining the bandwagon is producer T P Aggarwal with a law abiding film which is the remake of the Tamil Hit Saamy. The South Indian remake Saamy was under the process of a title change. The movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Prachi Desai and Prakash Raaj has been directed by K S Ravikumar who is a well known director in the south known for his direction skills and treatment of a sequence.

    On confirming the news with producer Mr. TP Aggarwal, he said, "There was a tentative change in the film's title which was earlier going to run under the same name Saamy but it was later changed to Thanedaar Returns. Having said that, the idea of having the same name as the Tamil flick and later Thanedaar Returns were in conflict with Sanjay's interest. We did not want to mislead our audiences by giving them an impression of a sequel. So he sat down with me and the other members of the film and brainstormed over a lot of titles apt of the film. We shortlisted a few titles such as Rudra, Powerplay, The Game Of Action, The Saviour, or Battle of Fire. Yet, Sanju felt the names were very cliche and insisted to run around a title that can easily connect with the common man's lingo but at the same time should be unique. In the process, Sanju noted that we use a lot of lingo such as, Dadagiri, Gundagiri and Bhaigiri and the most famous being, Gandhigiri so why couldn't we aptly put it as Policegiri? He felt that this title could really connect with the audience as giri represents the common Hindi speaking individual's lingo."

    While deciding the title, the producer of the film T. P. Aggarwal trusted Sanjay's creative instincts and finalized the title as Policegiri. The producer quoted, "We have decided upon Policegiri as the title. It was really nice of Sanjay to give his inputs while deciding the title. When we thought of name change for the film, we wanted a catchy yet different title. When Sanjay came up with the idea of putting the term giri in the title, I felt the audience will easily pick up the term and it will very well connect to all the age groups. This suited the story of the film and hence Policegiri." Well, now Sanjay's fans have one more connect waiting in store for them this May.

    Dutt considers this project very close to his heart and is completely dedicated in the in and out process of the movie. In this film, Sanjay and Prachi are paired together and will be seen romancing on screen. Sanjay will be playing the role of a rough neck cop with a bit of both the bad cop-good cop act which also gives comic touch in his character, whereas Prachi will wear the image of a girl next door and is a software engineer. Later on, she falls in love with him and marries him. Sanjay Dutt, who is very excited about the role, is very happy with the title and so he feels, suggesting a title change really worked and the initial names were missing some connection with characters. When approached Sanjay said very confidentially, "Yes, the film is titled Policegiri and I am confident that the audiences will connect with the film." Policegiri is a May 2013 release.



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