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    Default Sanjay Dutt is worried about Amar Singh

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    Although Sanjay Dutt is physically present in Goa, where he is shooting for Ajay Devganís home production, All The Best, his heart is with his political mentor Amar Singh, whoís in Singapore for a kidney transplant. Commenting on the politicianís frail health, Sanjay said, ďNo doubt he is seriously ill but Amar Singhji is a tiger, a man of steel. Iíve been with him for two years. I could see that he wasnít keeping well during the election campaign and Iíd tell him to rest but he wouldnít listen. Even while his potassium level was going crazy, he was working. The gruelling hours he put in for the election was an inspiration for me.Sanjay is worried about Amar Singh but he is also confident that heíll soon be back on his feet. ďHe is a survivor, just like me. Heíll bounce back. He is the older brother I never had.
    As his sibling, Iím committed to being by his side whenever he needs me. As of now, I speak to him every day. Heís in capable hands in Singapore. Heíll walk again. He has friends like the Bachchans, Anil (Ambani) and me to make sure he does,Ē said Sanjay.Meanwhile, the actor is trying to regain his foothold in the film industry. ďAmar Singhji has told me that my priority has to be films and that he would get very upset if I put politics above films. He knows whatever crowds I gathered during the campaign were because of cinema. He says heíll never take me away from films. Iíve always been an actor and always will be one but being the General Secretary of the Samajwadi Party is a huge responsibility,Ē said Sanjay.One thing Sanjay is very clear about is that heís not in Bollywood to be part of the rat race.
    Iím not in the numbers game. Iím happy being who and what I am. Iím doing some good work. The only cloud in my life is the court case. Iíve been friends with Amar Singhji from the t i m e m y legal troubles started.Theyíre still not over. I just want it to end. I want to be free. I want to travel the world as a free man. I donít want to be treated like a convict at airports. I donít want to be denied visas to countries. However, itís a huge relief that the legal pressure has lessened. In the last two months, when I campaigned with Amar Singhji, I saw tremendous love and respect all over India. That renewed my faith. I will be given justice,Ē he concluded on a positive note.

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