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    Default When Sanjay Dutt said no to Maanyata

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    Immediately after the Supreme Court declined Sanjay Dutt the opportunity to contest the Lok Sabha elections, the Samajwadi Party leaders collectively decided that Sanjay’s wife Maanyata should take his place in the Lucknow constituency. But to everyone’s surprise, Sanjay vetoed the idea.

    A source said, “The party heads were very clear on Mrs Maanyata Dutt’s candidacy. Surprisingly, it was Sanjay who shot down the idea. For the first time Sanjay dodged his political mentor Amar Singhji’s advice and very firmly declared that his wife won’t be part of politics.”

    According to the source, Sanjay is very clear on his wife’s role and function. “He married Maanyata because he wanted a woman who could look after his home. Maanyata too is happy to look after every aspect of Sanjay’s life from food, clothes, the friends he meets to the films he chooses. Frankly, Sanjay panicked at the very thought of his wife stepping into the political arena,” added the source.

    When Maanyata’s name came up during the meeting, Sanjay took his political mentor Amar Singh aside and explained that a political career for his wife was not what he had in mind.

    “Amar Singh completely understood Sanjay’s point of view and decided not to pursue the matter,” said the source.

    Maanyata’s name was dropped immediately but not before she too made it clear that she agreed with her husband.

    “Maanyata personally called up Amar Singh and excused herself from getting into politics. She told him she was more than happy being Mrs Sanjay Dutt. His political career, she said, would look after itself.”

    The Samajwadi Party has now chalked out a political plan of action for Sanjay Dutt wherein the actor will remain actively involved with the party politics without contesting the elections.

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    lol sanjay is oppressing his wife.



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