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    Default Sanjay Dutt-Imran Khan get insured before train top stunts

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    Sanjay Dutt-Imran Khan get insured before train top stunts
    By Subhash K Jha

    Later this week Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan and debutante Shruti Haasan will be performing heart-in-the-mouth stunts on top of speeding trains in Namibia. All of them have been provided with water-tight insurance.

    Informs Soham, "The action sequences are dangerous. But our action director Allan Amin is equipped to handle all eventuality. And yes all the actors who will take part on these stunts are insured. My producers Asthvinayak have taken good care of the actors."

    Earlier the train sequences were supposed to be shot in the same place in South Africa where Dhoom 2 and Drona were shot. This place, says Imran Khan, provides filmmakers a lot of creative liberty denied at other railway stations in other countries.

    Soham corroborates this statement. "Yes, we were going to shoot in the same location in Namibia where Dhoom 2 and Drona were shot in the capital city of Windhuk.

    But now we've cracked another location for novelty's sake. We are now shooting the train sequences in another city. The original location has now grown stale."

    Soham Shah's outdoor action adventure film Luck ran out of luck when his climactic stunts on top of a speeding train in Namibia was halted by a railway strike in October 2008.

    Now the unit finally returns to South Africa to complete the incomplete climax.

    Says Soham, "We were able to shoot in Namibia for two days. Then the indefinite railway strike in Namibia threw us off track. No train driver was willing to break the strike for our shooting. We had a 20-schedule left. We lost a lot of time and money. Everyone's combination dates had to be reworked."

    The film also introduces Kamal Haasan's daughter Shruti Haasan. "It isn't a conventional heroine's role with crying dancing. She has to do a lot of rugged outdoor sports along with the rest of the cast."

    Soham loves outdoor sports. "Luck falls into the genre of adventure sports. This has never been done before." Shooting in Namibia starts on 23 Januuary.

    Soham refuses to call Luck a difficult film. "Putting it together was difficult. Shooting it was fun."



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