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    Default Sanjay Dutt turns down Bachchans

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    Sanjay Dutt turns down Bachchans Request to give Ram Gopal Varma the rights of the title India for Rann

    If Sanjay Dutt is looking rather mortified these days, it isnt because he is unable to contest the Lok Sabha elections. Its because he had to turn down a personal request from the man whom he loves and respects the most Amitabh Bachchan. Earlier this week, Bachchan called up Dutt requesting him to give the rights to the title India to Ram GopalVarma for his under-production film, Rann.

    A source said, When Ram Gopal Varma decided to re-title his Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Rann as India 24x7, he requested Bachchan to call Sanjay ]Dutt
    , who has the rights to the title India . Much as Dutt would have loved to give away the title to Bachchan he found himself in a tight spot and had to decline.
    But what is the need for the change in title Ramu explained, I like terse titles, preferably those which have one word. Rann, which means war in Sanskrit, is perfect for the film. Ramu had even planned to write the films title only in the Devnagari (Hindi ) script to avoid the word being confused with Run . However to his horror, the title was already being corrupted on the internet by being referred to as Run . So it was decided that the film will be called India 24x7, after the channel that Bachchans character owns and runs in the film.

    Sanjay Duttsproduction companyis going into business from August with a film titled India to be directed by Soham Shah. Its a film based on sports and India is the only title that suits the film. At this stage theres little that Dutt or Soham can do to find another title. The source added, In fact, Soham suggested to Ramu to call his film just 24 x 7 and leave India alone.

    However getting the title 24 x 7 may not be easy either because Percept Picture Company owns the rights to that title.



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