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    Sana Sheikh who plays the protagonist Suman in Sony’s Jeet Jayenge Hum, promises fresh gossip to her listeners…

    RJ turned actor Sana Sheikh who makes her 'proper debut' (as she tells it) in Sony and Family Films' Jeet Jayenge Hum as Suman, makes an unconventional promise!

    Sana Sheikh says, "I used to do this show called Khoobsurat Sana Ke Saath. But now with Jeet Jayenge Hum, I can't do a daily radio show. So now I do a three hour show on Sundays called TRP – Television Radio Par, where I'll be discussing television shows." Sana playfully adds, "And now that I'm into the TV industry myself, I'll be dishing out first hand gossip. You'll hear it directly from the source (winks)!"

    Sana started her acting career, a long way back, when she was a kid with Hasratein. Then she also did Junoon. Sana says, "After Junoon, I couldn't afford to act because I started going to higher standards and the study portions became tougher and tougher. Obviously at that time, studies had to take priority."

    Sana goes on to say how radio happened to her. She says, "Till school, I didn't turn left or right but focused on studies. Then during my first year of college, I auditioned for radio jockeying and got selected. After that Disney's Kya Mast Hai life happened. And with Jeet Jayenge Hum, I'm entering hardcore television industry (smiles)."

    Talking about similarities between herself and her character Suman she says, "There are similarities, in fact a lot of them! I have two younger sisters in real life whereas Suman has a younger sister and a younger brother. Suman is 16 and yet takes responsibilities. I won't tell my age but just that I'm young and even I understand my responsibilities!"

    So is Sana a better RJ or a better actor? "Hmm… (laughs) seeing that I've been an RJ for five long years when many radio-jockeys' careers end within eight or twelve months, I think I can vouch for the fact that I'm a better RJ," Sana signs off.

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