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    Default Sambhavna shocks Harman, Kisses him

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    Sambhavna shocks Harman, Kisses him
    Now we all know how much Sambhavna Seth loves publicity.

    Her circus antics were on full display in the 'Bigg Boss' house. No matter how much she denies, this dame really is totally inspired by the queen of drama, Rakhi Sawant.

    To get her share of the limelight, she recently placed a long and intense kiss on Harman Baweja's cheek and took him by surprise.

    Harman was invited to grace the dance reality show 'Dancing Queen' and the attention hungry girl had a pre-planned program to kiss Harman when he comes up on stage.

    And thanks to her good planning, she got to fulfill her long desire( she calls it that).

    Sambhavana happily narrated the entire incident, "Well, you have got a really genuine piece of news. He's so sweet...full of positive vibes. Maine socha ek kiss le loon (I thought I would take a kiss). That's the best way to get my share of the positive vibes."

    She added, "When I called him onto the stage, he told me the very first time to not make me dance. I told him that I want to kiss him and that he can't stop me…and then I did."

    And when the world thinks that Harman is just a Hrithik clone, she has a total different viewpoint.

    "I'm a big fan of Harman and is longing to be his mate. I will run after him. I want Harman"

    Harman mightn't be some star and is still struggling to make it big in B-Town. But the chances of him choosing a dame who lacks class and shoots her mouth off for cheap publicity is very minimal.

    Especially after an A-lister girlfriend like Priyanka and mingling with the cherubic and refined Amrita Rao.

    Keep the stunts to yourself, girl! Taking a long walk somewhere will clear your head a bit.

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    Thank you very Much for sharing with us .



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