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    Arrow Sambhavna, Celina CATFIGHT At Gay Parade !!

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    Sambhavna Seth reacts on being denied entry to Celina's security cordon

    Sambhavna Seth and Celina Jaitly are both staunch supporters of gay rights. The two actresses walked the
    Gay Pride Parade on Sunday afternoon but mid-way they had a face off which left Sambhavna fuming.

    Celina is the unofficial brand ambassador of the gay cause led the march with her entourage of friends walking with
    her in a security cordon. Jaitly brought eight personal body guards (handpicked from Ronit Roy's
    security agency) who surrounded her and kept the crowds at arm's length, while Seth
    was minus any security, walking with a bunch of close friends.


    Half-way through the march, the mob started crowding around the Bhojpuri dancing queen. Realising that things were
    getting out of hand, a girl walking the parade asked Celina if she could let Sambhavna
    enter her security cordon to avoid getting mobbed.

    However. Jaitly refused and instructed her guards not to let Seth anywhere close to her. Sambhavna admits,
    "I am shocked and appalled by Celina's behaviour. I did not attend the parade to get publicity or hog the limelight.
    I was there to support my friends and didn't even bother getting security for myself. I expected Celina to show
    some respect towards me as woman, if not as a collegaue. She denied me entry into her area not once, but thrice!"

    Seth says she is deeply hurt by Celina's attitude, "When something similar happens to her, she will get the reply.
    If I was in her place and my worst enemy was stranded on the road, I would help the person out.
    Since I was walking the parade for a cause close to my heart, I didn't make a scene. In fact, after
    Bigg Boss she had once walked up to me and told me how entertaining I was."

    Celina however refutes saying she didn't even know Sambhavna. "I don't know how she looks like and I didn't even know
    she was there so how could I ignore her security. Also there were enough policemen around to take care of
    those marching so she could have approached them for help. There was no way
    any woman could get mobbed or manhandled since it was a gay parade."

    Responding to allegations of not letting Seth in her security area Celina adds, "The only reason I got protection is
    because of the threats I get. I was walking freely. If she was really concerned about security, she should've arranged it for herself."

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