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    Default Salman's nice: Claudia

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    Sheís the latest hottie to watch out for in tinsel town. Not even one-film-old (as leading lady), German model Claudia Ciesla has been in the
    Claudia and Abhishek have been clicked together at Cannes, but he claims he doesnít know her news quite often, lately.

    The assets controversy and going nude for a German glossy are passe; this bombshellís latest claim to fame is her link-up with Salman Khan. But Claudiaís making all the right noises at Cannes, and isnít really bothered. DT gets chatty with her...

    Youíre in Cannes to promote MR Shahjahanís film, Karma: Crime, Passion & Reincarnation. How has the experience been so far?
    Itís crazy out here! Iíve come across so many producers and directors from Hollywood and Bollywood. There are parties to attend, people to meet, screenings to go for Ė my schedule is choc-a-block. But Iím enjoying every bit of my stay.

    We heard youíve been bonding big time with Abhishek Bachchan at Cannes...
    I did meet Abhishek at an Indian party. But I wouldnít like to share what we spoke about.

    But itís said that you shared your shooting experiences with him...
    Thatís all hearsay, isnít it? We met as cordially as two actors meet at a party, and it was nice meeting him. I wouldnít like to comment any further.

    Did you meet Aishwarya too?
    No, Aishwarya wasnít around.

    The buzz in Bollywood is that you have made Sallubhai go weak in the knees and your bonding with Abhishek in Cannes might upset him...
    As far as Salman is concerned, all Iíd say is that heís a very talented actor and a very nice human being. Heís a good friend and Iíve seen quite a few of his films. But then, Iíve also seen films of Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. Theyíre all great actors and Iíd love to work with each one of them. In Germany, thereís a good market for Bollywood films and I love everything about them Ė the emotions, the song-and-dance sequences....

    Havenít you confirmed a film with Salman already?
    Itís so untrue! This is the first time Iím talking to the Indian press from Cannes and I havenít given out any such confirmation. Iíd love to work with Salman. I want Bollywood to give me a chance. Iíll start taking lessons in Hindi soon. Iíd planned to come down to India in June, but itíll rain cats and dogs then. By August end, Iíll be there.

    It must be raining men in your life at this point of time?
    Not at all. Iím single and havenít yet decided whether I want to mingle or not!

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