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    Default Is Salman waiting for Shah Rukh to make the first move?

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    One doesn't really quite understand what is going on in Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan's head when it comes to their relationship. Do they want to remain enemies, or would they like to go back to becoming friends? In fact, the media has coined a special term of relationship between the two - 'frenemy'.

    On one hand, Salman doesn't even watch Shah Rukh's films, or for that matter, as per industry sources, he doesn't watch films of people who don't hold special place in his life, and on the other, he didn't fail to appreciate the way Shah Rukh has maintained himself. He was recently heard telling one of his friends that he really admires how SRK has managed to be so fit and fabulous even at this age.

    Well, looks like Shah Rukh has never discussed the secret of his good health with Salman. Whenever he has been questioned about it, SRK has always said that he doesn't over indulge, he eats very little, and has been following this for last many years.

    Then, even in the Bigg Boss house Salman had defended SRK when the housemate Imam Siddiqui had claimed that he was responsible for SRK's growth in his career. Shah Rukh, too, has been praising Salman's films, performances and saying kind words about the way his career is shaping. In fact, at an awards function, SRK took the jokes of him being insecure as a result of Salman's huge success in the last few years, really sportingly

    In turn, Salman's words of appreciation and coming to Shah Rukh's defense kind of indicate that these friends-turned-foes are on their way to becoming friends again.

    But then one can't say because just few days back when Salman was asked that since both have kind words for each other, why don't they kiss and make up. On this, Salman squirmed his face as if indicating that he doesn't want to hear SRK's name ever. Or perhaps he didn't want to discuss SRK on the Being Human platform. While SRK had dismissed off the question of them being friends again on his birthday last year.

    Both, SRK and Salman may or may not be wanting to be friends, but one thing is clear that they are definitely loyal towards their fraternity and want to stick to truth and state facts the way it is. Or it could be that this time round Salman wants SRK to make the first move and extend his hand for friendship...



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