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    Default Salman snubs Shahid Kapoor on Dus ka Dum !!!

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    This was Dus Ka Dum episode like never before. Rani and Shahid made at an appreance at Salman's popular game show to promote their upcoming movie Dil Bole Haddipa but cold vibes were apparent between the Khan and Kapoor boy.

    While he was very friendly and cordial with Rani Mukherjee Sallu maintained distance from Shahid throughout the show. Actually, the duo developed cold vibes during the Rockstar tour three years ago. Since then, the duo always avoided each other

    According to eyewitness, "Rani arrived first and went to Salman's dressing room to greet Salman. Later Shahid dropped in to meet the host and break the ice. Salman was cordial but not as warm as he was to Rani."

    His 'Hi' to Shahid was dry, even though normally, he is very warm with his guests. Also each time he addressed the younger actor, he seemed indifferent. During the knockout round, Rani had more correct answers and her co-star's face fell but Salman did nothing to cheer him up.

    For most of his questions, he asked Rani to share her thoughts and experiences; he was cool and indifferent with Shahid."

    The producer of the show Anita Basu admits that Salman was warmer with Rani and reserved with Shahid but adds, "That's because Salman has known Rani for a long time and they are almost like chaddi buddies so naturally there is a different kind of warmth and relationship they both share.

    Salman didn't make it obvious but played the host perfectly and was cordial. I guess, to him, Shahid is still a newcomer and he was much warmer with Rani as they are really thick friends."

    The Shahid-Rani episode will be aired on Sony TV on September 12.

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    Neeti..... please watch before posting.. 2nd repost..

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    Thank You Very Much



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