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    Rani said to have played peacemaker

    Though he has been in the industry for almost 21 years, Salman Khan has never worked in a Yash Raj film, due to some past differences. Now, thanks to the efforts put in by Rani Mukerji, Sallu is all set to star in his first movie with YRF.

    Apparently, when Rani she was on Salman’s TV show ‘10 Ka Dum’ last season, she had a long chat with Sallu and convinced him to let bygones be bygones. She told him that Aditya Chopra was keen on working with him and that Salman should sign a film with the banner, which apparently he now has.

    The trouble between Aditya Chopra and Salman is said to have started when Adi approached Salman for “Chak De India”.

    At that time Salman quoted a very high price and even kept Adi waiting for a good three weeks. Subsequently, without waiting for Salman’s response, Adi signed Shah Rukh for the film. This created tension between the YRF and Salman and Sallu swore never to work with them ever again.

    But now Salman has agreed to do their film and the credit for this goes to Salman’s good friend and Aditya’s girlfriend, Rani.


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