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    Default Salman questions mediawallahs !!!

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    Itís that time of season when the media competes with one another to rope in the best celebrity in the town, as their guest. And what is juicier than to get hold of the most popular actor like Salman on the show! Well, the actor was recently on the sets of a well-known channel and had seemed be as hot-headed like never before.

    Salman is said to have vented his anger on the press and other media for messing up with actorsí lives. He stated that media people before confirming on any story and before getting the full news, they bring it out to the public. "When you get a starís side of the story, get it properly... not just a last line saying Ďthis person denied it... or wasnít available for comment...!" said the irate actor.

    Sallu miyan had also aired his irritation with mediaís repeated questions about his marriage. The actor said, "Marriage is big. Iím not one to hide it. I will tell you when Iím ready. Iím not going to run away, man."

    Hmm, looks like Salman had really enough of the publicity.
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