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    Default Salman Khan's ZOOM day out!

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    Yeah, it was indeed Salman Khan’s day-out at the ZOOM studio in Mumbai.

    He was promoting Wanted, alright, but when Sallu is at his best, he’s nothing short of a super-entertainer. And that’s what he did, he entertained us all and had the whole house in splits – with his one-liners, his witty jibes at the media (oh, how we love him for that) and his typical dance moves.

    Yep, believe it or not, he was out there doing a jig for us all. And our cameras, too. The highlight of the day was when he dropped by ZOOM’s editing studio and saw some of the story scripts strewn over the place. He picked up couple, raised his brows and said, “Yeh kaisa script hai?

    Tumhare scriptwriters kaun hain?” Our writers, a wee bit embarrassed, quickly responded saying it was their job, blah, blah, blah. Little did they know Sallu was simply being funny and bratty. He promptly added, “Why are you guys making rotis here? Come to my place and I will feed you stories that taste like parathas.” Phew! We heaved a sigh of relief. Our scriptwriters could do with some chilled beer, for starters. Wotsay, guys?

    (Catch the special Salman ZOOM appearance on The Big Story at 9 pm only on ZOOM)

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    Thank You Very Much

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