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    Default Salman Khan's Veer Dilemmas

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    Anil Sharma is having a tough time directing the remaining portions of Veer. During the last schedule in Pune last week, he has to deal with Salman Khan and Veerís action director, Tinu Verma, who have entirely different ideas about the how the film should be made.

    Anil first figured that trouble was brewing when Salman wanted to shoot a particular scene in a certain way, but Anil had different ideas. ďAnil and Salman had a big showdown in Pune. Bahut tu tu main main hui, Salman even grumbled aloud, ĎIsko director kisne banaya?í Everybody on the sets was quite shocked by the enormity of the showdown,Ē said a source. On Thursday, Salman left Pune to come to Mumbai to promote Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

    But Anilís ordeal was far from over. When he reached the sets on Thursday, he saw that the action director of the film, Tinu Verma, had taken charge and was filming the scenes. He told Tinu that he would like to see the rehearsals and even the shots he had taken. Since Tinu was in the midst of a shot, he asked Anil to wait.

    ďAnil flew into a rage. Tinu gave it back to him. This showdown was no less violent than the one between Anil and Salman,Ē the source revealed.

    Anil hasnít got along with Salman and Tinu ever since he started directing Veer. Apparently, Anil frivolously wasted time during the London schedule a couple of months ago, which couldíve been avoided if he had been better prepared for the shoot. This had inflated the budget considerably, which disturbed Salman.

    Tinu confirmed the tiff between Anil and him. He said, ďAnil wanted to see the rehearsal takes and I told him that I will show them after I take the shot. Is baat ko lekar, Anil aur mere beech behes hui thi.Ē

    Anil, though, seems to have taken it lightly. He said, ďWe didnít have major issues. We just had a few discussions and arguments. But which film has been devoid of such disagreements?Ē

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