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    Default 'Salman Khan's sketch shocked me': Aseem Merchant

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    It has been days when Salman Khan made his sketch, but Aseem Merchant is still on Cloud 9. The model-turned-actor speaks to India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu on Sallu and his new film 'Aseema-beyond boundaries'

    Tell us something about Dr Ishwar of 'Aseema'.
    Well, I'm playing Dr. Ishwar in 'Aseema', who works in a small city of Orissa. It's a really heartwarming love story that goes beyond boundaries as Dr. Ishwar sacrifices big time for his love. The story is based on man-woman relationship as well as relations between a mother and her daughter.

    How much scope is there for you in a woman-oriented film like 'Aseema'?
    Yes I know, it's a woman oriented film. However, it is also a love story. So my character is really important in the film. You'll get to see when 'Aseema' hits the theatres.

    How was it working with Lagaan fame Gracy Singh and acclaimed director Sishir Mishra?
    Gracy Singh is a lovely human being. I have had the privilege to work with some of the best stars in the industry, and it was a pleasure working with her. And Sishir is belongs to a different genre of film making. He has done hit films like 'Bheegi Palke', written 'Kora Kagaz'. He is a very passionate and a hard task master, but a lovely person. He believes so much in the project and detailing that I have learnt a lot from him during the shooting of this film. He treated me like a son, so it was like being part of the family.

    Tell us something interesting that happened during the shooting of the film.
    The entire cast and crew used to shoot for 18 hours a day; it was quite hectic. But let me tell you, we had worked in one of the most beautiful places of India. Orissa has some amazing beaches and the beautiful Jagannath Temple in Puri.
    I'm a chain smoker and Gracy is completely anti-smoking. She used to hate people smoking around her. But every time I used to finish my smoke and come back to sets, somehow she came to know about it; though never said anything to me, or complained to the producer and director.

    How did it feel when Salman Khan made a sketch of you on the sets of 'Wanted'?
    Salman's sketch shocked me...literally. I was completely shocked when he made a sketch of me. It was a one in a lifetime experience to have him sketching me in his tight schedule. It was a priceless moment.

    What are your upcoming films?
    I'm in talks with a big banner for a comedy film. So if that materializes then I am definitely doing the film. Next I am doing a film called 'Hanuman', which is a Hollywood film; I play the role of Laxman. I am also doing Arbaaz Khan home production film 'Bullet - Ek Dhamaka' directed by Irfaan Khan. My co-actors are Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha.


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