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    Default Is Salman Khan's jaw pain incurable?

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    Salman Khan might be known as the macho man of Bollywood, but the forty plus actor isn't in the pink of his health right now.

    The actor, who'll turn forty-seven this year, suffers from trigeminal neuralgia (a facial nerve disorder, commonly known as the suicide disease) and Salman recently disclosed that not much can be done to treat his medical condition. The actor is said to be hoping for the day when science will find a cure for this condition.

    "Medical science has advancements. So we guess, something will happen," said Salman, in an interview to a daily.

    Salman is reportedly suffering from the condition since past seven years, it's just he chose not to speak about it. It was only after the pain became unbearable that he made a medical trip to US. Trigeminal neuralgia is believed to cause stabbing or electric-shock-like pain in parts of the face and we can only hope that medical science comes to Salman's rescue soon.
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