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    Default Salman Khan's costume drama !!!

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    Mumbai: Salman Khan and the film-makers of London Dreams were in for a rude shock while shooting in Punjab recently when they realised that Salman's costumes had not reached the sets. In the particular scene, Salman was playing a member of a Indian wedding band. He had squeezed a few days out for the film.

    To their utter discomfort, the production team found out that the costumes would not reach Punjab while Salman is there. This meant that he would not be able to shoot those scenes and the schedule would go haywire resulting in major losses for Vipul Shah, the producer and director.

    However, Salman came to the film-maker's rescue. A source says, "Salman had allotted just a couple of days to Vipul to wrap up the Punjab schedule because he had to shoot for Veer after that. By the time the dresses would have arrived, Salman would have left Punjab. The production team told him about the problem and he stepped forward to bail them out. He asked the production team to get him addresses of traditional Indian bands located nearby. After he got the list, he arranged for cars to head to those places. Everybody was wondering what he was up to."

    The insider adds, "Salman visited the band offices and took them by surprise when he told them that he wanted to borrow one uniform from them. He gave them his measurements.

    The locals were more than willing to help him out. After a frantic search, Salman got his size and hurried back to the sets. The film-makers were relieved that they could resume shooting and thanked Salman."

    Vipul says, "On the day of the shoot we approached a few bands and picked up the dress for Salman. We had some other dresses in mind, but he saw the red dress worn by a band member and thought it would work wonders for his character."
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