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    Default Salman Khan gets a waiter fired for dropping sauce

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    Salman Khan

    Salman Khan might have a bad boy image on the screen but he is known to be very generous when it comes to dealing with ordinary people. But what he did last Sunday was far from being generous. The Wanted star got a poor waiter fired from a suburban restaurant. His fault? Well he unintentionally dropped some sauce on Salmanís expensive designer shoes. The actor was outraged at seeing this and created a scene at the restaurant.

    Onlookers said that the waiter was crying and pleading on his knees to forgive him but Salman was in no mood to let him go. He summoned the manager and threatened to close down the restaurant for a day if the waiter wasnít fired. The restaurant authorities gave into his demand and fired the poor waiter from the job.

    Well Salman runs a charitable organization Being Human but it seems he himself needs some lesson on how to be a human.

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    Thanks for sharing

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