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    Default Salman Khan is upsets by Anil Sharma

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    Salman Khan is fuming at director Anil Sharma’s casual and sloppy approach towards their film Veer.Apparently, Sharma frivolously wasted time in London, which could’ve been avoided if he had been better prepared for the shoot. The cavalier attitude inflated the budget considerably. Salman had assured producer Vijay Galani that he would put his career back on track. Our source said, “Salman was so irritated by Sharma’s ways that he didn’t shy away from giving the director a earful on the sets.Revealing what transpired on the sets, a unit member said, “Anil Sharma doesn’t value time. Although we stayed in London for 30 days, the productivity was that of five days. Sharma asks for far too many retakes, so a lot of raw stock has been consumed. Plus, he hadn’t finalised the location.
    It is inexplicable that a director takes a unit abroad and doesn’t know where he is going to shoot next.However, Anil Sharma rebutted the story. He said, “There have been a lot of rumours about my London schedule. I would like to clarify that I had a very smooth shoot throughout. I had a wonderful working relationship with Salman. Veer is a period film and I shot scenes around Buckingham Palace, for which I had taken permission.”Our source from the sets in London, disagreed. The source said, “For a 9am shift, Sharma would leave the hotel at 9.30am to hunt for the location. Often, he wouldn’t get the permission to shoot. If at all the shoot began, it wouldn’t be before 2.30pm. After which, it would not go on for more than four hours. We had to wind up by 6.30-7pm as most of the scenes were to be shot during the day.
    Everyday, the actors (including Salman) were left to cool their heels in the hotel while Sharma went to hunt for the locations. Not only Salman, but every actor was exasperated. The source concluded, “All of this magnified the cost of the film.Vijay Galani said, “We might have had a bit of a problem in getting permission to shoot at a certain place for a stipulated amount of time, but we didn’t have any major problems as such. I know Salman ever since he did my first film Suryavanshi and he has always been very supportive.”

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