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    Default Salman Khan supports Kamal Haasan; urges fans to watch Vishwaroopam

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    The row over Kamal Haasan’s movie Vishwaroopam is heating up with each passing day. Many believe that Kamal Haasan is a victim of political vendetta and folks from his fraternity have come out in open to support Hassan and his movie.

    One such voice is ‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan who took to Twitter to support and voice his thoughts in favour of Hassan.

    He went on to tweet, “Dekho yaar its a movie n thr r only 2 kinds of movies good or bad. hit n flop N only people who decide r 1s who buy tickets.”

    He continued to tweet saying, “Hope each n every fan of his supports him like I am doing n want all my fan to fully support him. Bhool gaye kya ek doojeh ke liyeh.”

    “Then go stand out side the cinema hall n insist on seing the film, its a movie dude , entertainment, wat law n order problem on a movie?” (sic)

    “Go thr insist that u wanna c it , thr is a supreme court judgment after the film is censored no body can stop it (sic).”

    His last tweet read, “Ek toh the industry does not get any support frm any 1 but the fans bus tax pe tax. Now they stopping the releases of our movies. Wah.”

    You have heard what Salman feels about the ban on Vishwaroopam. What are your thoughts? Is it a deliberate attempt to curb Freedom of Expression? Hit the comments section and share your views…



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