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    Default Salman Khan pushes Sohail's 'Sher Khan' away

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    Bollywood 'Dabangg' Salman Khan's career is going great guns. The demand for Salman Khan has never been so high. Following the back-to-back successes of Dabangg and Ready which are among the all-time blockbusters in Bollywood history, producers have been queuing up to sign Salman.

    Salman Khan has his bag full with loads of movies so much so that few of his movies are getting delayed and the actor is not much hassled.

    'Sher Khan' which was to earlier release by the end of 2012 according to plan, will now mount the floors only in the beginning of 2013. "Sher Khan" is the home Production of Salman Khan, Salman Khan’s Sher Khan to be directed by brother Sohail Khan is most likely to be in 3D format. The Movie is on Adventure of Salman Khan in Jungle.

    It will be interestiing to Salman Khan in the movie as he is slated to don a Tarzan kind of a look, exposing his well built body yet again. This is something audiences will love and so will Salman who was once reputed to shed his shirt at the very first opportunity.

    Meanwhile reports insist that Sohail Khan has also got another script which is very interesting and Khan intends to make that film too.

    Sources in the Salman Khan camp tend to suggest that the film is a horror comedy – a genre that has never been attempted before in mainstream Indian cinema.

    While films like 'Ghostbusters', 'Gremlins' and films from the Scary Movie series have been blockbusters in Hollywood, Bollywood has never attempted the genre seriously ever.

    Mehmood’s 'Bhoot Bangla' and Shabana Azmi’s 'Makdee' were projected as Horror Comedies, but towards the end of the film one realized that there was no horror in the said subject.

    One is not sure whether the scripts of 'Sher Khan' and the horror comedy are the same. So we wait the official word from the Khans.



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