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    Default Salman Khan praises Parineeti more than Arjun Kapoor

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    Salman Khan is known for his excellent choices this is the reason that he is praising Parineeti Chopra more than Arjun Kapoor despite he is mentor of Arjun Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor revealed the secret while he was talking to media.

    Arjun Kapoor idolizes Salman Khan, the actor whom Arjun looks up to, aspires to be and seeks inspiration from. When Arjun showed the trailers of Ishaqzaade to Salman Khan, the actor liked it and said “good”. Arjun says that it means a lot to him. If Salman Khan isn’t criticizing or being negative about something that means he has liked it. The ‘Ishaqzaade’ boy also reveals that if Salman is close to somebody then he minces no words.

    It would be interesting to know that Salman is the man who motivated Arjun to become a star. When Arjun Kapoor was a chubby fella not aspiring to be an actor, Salman Khan could see a star in him and pushed him to hit the gym, shed the extra kilos and be toned. Though he gave Arjun reasons to be an actor, after seeing the trailers of Arjun’s debut Ishaqzaade, he liked Parineeti more.

    Now it came to hear that Arjun wants to prove himself to impress big brother Salman Khan. He wants to show his film Ishaqzaade soon so let’s see who receives the most praising words from the mentor, Arjun Kapoor or Parineeti Chopra.



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