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    Default Salman Khan wants to get married and have children!

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    Even as he shoots in Panchgani for his home production Dabanng (produced by Arbaaz Khan) Salman has his hands full with loads and loads of young fans, who seem to be flocking into his temporary residence in numbers larger than the security can handle.

    The reason for this is simple. Salman is staying at a resort called the Ravine in Panchgani. And right next door is a kids' school. Once the kids got to know who's staying next-door they have been abandoning their studies, climbing across the wall dividing the school from the resort to meet their Salman Uncle.

    Says a source close to Salman, "Once the school kids from the school next-door got to know Salman was staying at the resort they've been spending as much time as possible with the star in their midst. At first the Dabanng unit tried to keep Salman's presence at the Ravine a secret. But the news of his presence spread like wildfire and the kids are now flocking in wide numbers every day."

    Salman has been entertaining his next-door neighbors in all the time he has away from shooting.

    Says the source, "He gives the kids instructions on physical training, health, diet and hygiene. But then he got to know that they've been climbing over the dividing wall and probably bunking classes. Now he's very particular about when and how they make they come to meet him."

    The source says Salman's attachment to kids is growing by the day. He has been heard telling his close family and friends that he wants to get married and have children.


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