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    Default Salman Khan to look "normal" in Sher Khan

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    Fans prefer to see Salman Khan as …well, Salman Khan. Apparently get-ups and disguises don’t work for this matinee idol. Sure, he sported a moustache in Dabangg. But that’s about it.

    All plans to give Salman an elaborate ‘look’ of a Pathan for Sher Khan have been now been dropped.

    Much to the distributors and his fans’ relief, Salman would now look like his normal self.

    Says a source close to the project, “Disguises, get-ups, facial hair and prosthetics work for Bachchan Saab. They don’t work for Salman. Every time he has grown his hair, sported a beard or tampered in any way with his normal look the film has fallen flat on its, face: for example Suryvanshi, Nishchaiy, Saawan,Veer…”

    The earlier plan was to give Salman a completely new revamped physical appearance for his role as the modern-day Robin Hood in Sher Khan.

    “But we all feel Salman is loved by his fans the way he is,” says a source from the unit of Sher Khan.

    Confirming the change director Sohail Khan reveals that Salman will look “normal” in the film.

    Interestingly, another Sher Khan in Apoorva Lakhia’s Zanjeer is all set to get a very elaborate Pathan’s look.

    Says the source from the Salman film, “Audiences come to see Salman. If they find him hiding in a get-up they are disappointed.”



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