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    Default Salman Khan is a fitness freak!

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    Salman is a fitness freak we all know, but what we didnít really know is that he believes in spreading the fitness mania to those around him a la Sanjay Dutt style. Dutt has been known to invite his co-stars and pals to his lavish gym at home for work out sessions with him. He even gives them tips regularly.
    Though Salman doesnít quite let people into his home, he doesnít mind sharing a few diet tips with them, as those on the sets of his TV show Dus Ka Dum found out. But Sallu soon realized that just sharing diet tips, especially if it included words like karela and doodhi juice, wasnít going to be enough to inspire his unit members. They would hear Salmanís words of diet wisdom and conveniently forget to follow it.

    So after a week Salman decided he would have none of it. He started bringing karela and doodhi juice to the sets every alternate day and made his unit members drink it in front of him.

    Strangely enough, no one protested and did as they were told, albeit with a sour face. Now thatís what we call



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