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    Default When Salman Khan was embarrassed…

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    When Kareena Kapoor called Salman Khan the ‘Rajinikanth of Bollywood’, it was clearly visible how embarrassed with her statement..

    So what did Bebo actually say? Well, all she said was, Sallu always reminded her of a super hero, someone very similar to Rajnikanth, in his earlier days.

    “To me, Salman is the Rajinikanth of Bollywood. His action sequences, his screen presence and specially his actions remind us of the same Rajinikanth that we saw earlier in Bollywood,” Kareena had said.

    What did Salman have to say about this??
    Well, Salman Khan on hearing Kareena’s comparison of him to Rajnikanth said,

    “Rajinikanth is in a different league altogether. I just try and do my bit,”

    “I am aware the kind of action I do and I must admit that there may come a time when I may go a bit overboard with the action sequences and the audience may go Itna bhi nahi yaar, aisa kya thodi hota hai,” he added.

    Signing off, Sallu said, “The best phase of my career is yet to come. I am not done here.”
    ...being a human...



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