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    Default Salman Khan has become the face of Autism in India

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    Salman Khan has simply proved to the world that he is not to be taken lightly. Amongst all the heavy weight Khans this is the coolest Khan around. This once angry young man has truly proved to the world that he has a soft mushy heart deep inside which is being adored by one and all in the film industry.

    Actor Salman Khan, who is known for his philanthropic ways, endorses a lot of good causes and looks like he might just take up another. Salman Khan has become the face of autism in India. Walking an extra mile to promote the cause, the actor has joined the campaign to spread awareness about autism in kids and says that autism is a disorder, not a disease.

    The actor, who runs his own NGO, was recently at an awards function to honour people for their contribution to philantrophic work. During the course of the event, he was left stumped when he was asked to be the face of autism in India.

    A source, who was present at the awards function, lets us on to the details. “It all started when a lady came up on stage to receive an award in recognition of her work for autism. She has been travelling abroad to lend support and spread awareness about the health condition, a mission she set upon when her son was diagnosed with autism. In her speech, she happened to mention that a celebrity lending their face to the cause would make a difference. She then turned to Salman and asked him if he would take up the cause. Salman was caught completely off-guard at first, but quickly recovered and responded with, “Yes, I will’”.

    Without wasting a moment Salman said that he will do his best to spread awareness. Salman Khan has published a guide book through his NGO, Being Human, on World Autism Awareness Day today.

    Salman said, “Autism is not disease, it is a disorder and can happen to anyone irrespective of class, creed, nationality and gender. Autism exists all over the world. Autism is a lifelong condition. But no matter what age, people with autism can improve. “
    April 2 has been declared as World Autism Awareness Day by a resolution passed in the United Nations General Assembly to create awareness about Autism.



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