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    Default Salman Khan turns art teacher

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    It takes a lot for someone to find a place in a charity art exhibition, teach Salman Khan to paint and now, concentrate on his own art career after doing many odd jobs at different places. Nilesh Vede has obviously come a long way since then. His art works are a testimony to his hard work and also boast a considerable amount of thinking process behind it, though that is one area that still needs a wee bit of working on. “Earlier, I was only into making aesthetic art works,” confesses Nilesh. He adds, “I taught Salman and he in turn taught me a lot, especially to paint concepts on canvas. Salman thinks a lot; he thinks almost all the time and is always striving towards getting his thoughts across on canvas.

    I have learned to do the same from Salman.” Nilesh was introduced to Salman by his mother Salma Khan. Salman and I constantly learn from each other. We have created a studio in the garage of his house and there are times when we work through the night; its loads of fun,” he says. Nilesh doesnt want to teach anymore. He explains, “I enjoy teaching but now is the time to concentrate on my career and hence I am working very hard to create good quality art works. Nileshs recent works are put up at Prriya and Chintans art studio.

    One of his most appreciated portraits has the face of Jesus Christ, the hair style of Buddha and also Shivas moon is inspired by one of Salmans paintings. Alongside Nilesh, Hemant Sonawne, Rakesh Pattnaik and Hemant Ravandale are showing their selected art works at the exhibition which will continue until May 16.

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