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    Default Salman shows his heart is big....Praises both Imran & Ranbir open heartedly

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    Ranbir might have stolen Katrina from Salman (As rumors have it). But Sallu reveals that his heart is as big as his biceps. He is not at all jealous of the new kids in B-town, Ranbir and Imran.

    He lavishes praise on both Ranbir and Imran saying, “I think Ranbir is very good. I have seen their films, I think these guys, Ranbir and Imran are terrific”.

    “Imran is adorable and Ranbir has a lot of talent” adds Salman. ” Way to go, boys, now stand tall and proud." We’re telling you, it’s not his Chulbul Pandey avatar, it is the real Sallu saying that!

    By encouraging the new guys, Salman shows that he can mentor the newbies in the film industry.
    ...being a human...



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