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    Default Salman calls Shah Rukh Khan insecure and egotist !!!

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    On a rare occasion, Salman Khan has spoken up about several issues the media has been plaguing him with. Among them were his changing girlfriends and Shah Rukh Khan.

    Salman feels that Shah Rukh is one of the most insecure actors in the industry. If he were to put his insecurity aside, he would actually be a nice guy.

    When they both started their careers, they were friends but as they tasted more success, they drifted apart because of his insecurity.

    “What Shah Rukh does or says is not of the least interest to me but he is one of the most insecure actors. If he could get rid of that he would actually be a nice fellow,” he says. The moody Khan also revealed that he felt that SRK’s detention issue in the US was “blown out of proportion” and that SRK probably overreacted because his ego was hurt..

    When asked about working with SRK, Sallu surprised everyone by saying, "You work with people you don't know. I don't know Shah Rukh so I don't mind working with anybody. If there's something good, I wouldn't have a problem that's if he doesn't have a problem. As long as those 100 days go off peacefully and don't have any problems.".

    He also feels that the media is too quick to make comments on his personal life. If he begins to date someone, he needs time to get to know them well.

    And even if they aren’t in a relationship yet, they are forced to enter into one because so much is being written about them. And in case, they are not very compatible, the media writes that he changes girlfriends too often.

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