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    Default Salman is the Brad Pitt of B'wood: Negar Khan !!!

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    The glam doll talks about movies, men and more !!!

    Negar Khan has certainly come a long way in a very short span of time. Her Chadti Jawani number propelled her into public consciousness and soon she was another addition to the club of Bollywood's glam queens. However, it all fell apart post her deportation fiasco. But the svelte beauty made her comeback albeit on the small screen with the reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao and she had to lot say about her short stint. Read on...

    How was your experience on Iss Jungle...?

    It was a fabulous experience. I learnt a lot. The show taught me how to appreciate small things in life like salt, sugar and coffee. Before going on the show, I had no idea if I would be able to do any of the tasks assigned to me. I was afraid of insects, scorpions, rats and many other things that were part of the jungle tasks.

    The whole experience made me stronger now. I know that I can survive in a jungle if I have to and I'm not afraid of insects, scorpions anymore. Moreover, I learnt to cook and made lifelong friends.

    What made you take up this show in the first place?

    I decided to do the show because it was a challenge. I was hoping to learn something from this experience and I'm glad I did. In fact, I learnt more than I expected to.

    Any particular incident on the show you'll never forget.

    Yes, my entry in to the jungle. I got so much love from the contestants in Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao. I will never forget my jungle challenge with Chetan; it was amazing. Chetan supported me and when I won the challenge, he and the red team (opponents) were so happy for me. The red team knew that they had lost and they had to sleep hungry that day but they still hugged me.

    The person you liked the most the most on the show.

    I liked all of them. Akash, Chetan, Mark, Palak, Aman, Mika, Chitrashi, Mona, Anaida and Jay were really sweet to me. These were the people I met and I'm glad I did.

    The whole deportation fiasco was a tough time for you. How did you get through that period?

    There was no deportation; it was just a big misunderstanding. The media exaggerated the issue unnecessarily.

    While you were away from the entertainment industry, how did you keep yourself busy?

    I was away from Bollywood but I was working in the Italian and Norwegian film industry. Since I had already acquired a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertising and Masters degree in International Business, I proceeded to complete my Masters in Film and Television. So there you have it, I have been very busy working and studying.

    What do you miss most about Bollywood?

    About Bollywood, I miss India - the food, the culture and the people. I also miss watching Hindi romantic movies and dancing in the rain.

    You have starred in not-so-memorable flicks like The Bachelor, Double Cross and so on. Do you think you could have been a bit more selective with your roles?

    I have always been a part of big movies and I've consciously worked with big banners. Films like Rudraksh (that had Sanjay Dutt), Shaadi ka Ladoo and Double cross were made by reputed producers. I also did a movie called Doh Chehre with Suniel Shetty and Ravena Tandon and then Taj Mahal with Akbar Khan. Even The Bachelor was a movie that starred good actors like Sharman Joshi, Riya and Raima Sen. I have never been a part of small projects.

    Nudity in Films. Comment

    I have never done a nude scene but if anyone wants to, it's fine with me. It's their choice after all.

    If/when you make your comeback in B'wood, which actor you would love to star opposite? Why?

    I would love to star opposite Salman Khan because he's a fantastic actor. He is extremely professional and down to earth. Salman always takes good care of his co-stars and crew and treats the people around him in a very cultured manner. Moreover, he's the most handsome and the sexiest hunk of Bollywood. Salman is the "real man" in the truest sense of the term. Salman is the Brad Pitt of Bollywood.

    You've already been married once before, do you have any plans to settle down soon?

    I wouldn't want to comment on my marriage to Sahil and I'll settle down when I find the right person.

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