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    Default Salman, Bebo on their own

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    If you spot a star without an arm candy, thereís nothing out of the ordinary, alright.

    There are some lovely, single stars in B-town, and they love flaunting their Ďsingledomí, too. But try spotting the beauties minus their paraphernalia - spot boys, make-up artists, hair-dressers, of late nutritionists and fitness trainers have joined this entourage - itís almost impossible. Such is the life of our superstars, canít blame them, no? So we were pleasantly surprised when we heard that Salman and Kareena, actually let go of their immediate staff for the shoot of Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

    The unit was shooting at the Melbourne International Airport, and there was a certain area where immigrants werenít allowed to enter. The authorities could grant only fifteen people entry to the restricted area, so the director had to take his entourage along, and leave the stars staff behind. And with that, all their starry tantrums too. Sallu and Kareena held on to their own vanity cases and sportingly went along with it, without giving the director a hard time.

    We love such no-nonsense, no nakhras kinda stars, donít we?

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    Thanks for sharing

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    cant believe karena went with that. she is the nackra type



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