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    Default Salman: I am not getting married for a while

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    Salman Khan and Asin starrer Ready, that opened in theatres today, has become that film that polarises critics and popular choice. Even as critics nod their heads disapproving the mindlessness that plagues the film, trade pundits report that the film is running to full houses and and the film's inital collections are staggering.

    The initial response may be overwhelming but the fate of the film will be sealed only over the weekend. Amidst all the mayhem, Zoom TV's Omar Qureshi caught hold of the stars for a quick interview just before the film released.

    We present an excerpt:

    The music of the film is already a rage, specially Character Dheela Hai. Was it your idea?

    Salman: People keep on saying ke uska Character dheela hai, but it's not used in a positive manner, so we thought if we could use this punch in a nice way, it might work.

    What's your take on the song? Don't you feel left out by not being a part of the first song of the film?

    Asin: No, Salman has given me Dhinka Chika. So I am happy with it.

    This is your second film together. How has the chemistry been so far?

    Salman: Our chemistry has been great so far and we have so much in common except for the kind of people we date, clothes, sense of humour (laughs). I feel Asin's a damn good girl. She knows exactly what to say and what not to.

    Ready is a remake of a South Indian film like many of your earlier films. Are you trying to bring South films in mainstream Bollywood?

    Salman: Heroism was missing in films, so for me to laugh and have tears in my eyes, I wanted to see a hero, and I am sure others wanted to see it too. And nobody was doing that, so I took the task upon myself. (Laughs). And even actors like Akshay and Ajay are doing remakes so I am sure it would work. With the technology being better and the language being simpler our performances are much in control now.

    How do you respond to the speculation about your marriage, like recently you said that you are not getting married?

    Salman: Yes, I am not getting married for a while, I may want to have a child but from the right woman.

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