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    Default Salman & 4 beautiful women!

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    (From L-R) - Sara Khan, Tina Dutta, Salman Khan, Ragini Khanna & Ratan Rajput

    Salman & 4 beautiful women!

    The 10 Ka Dum episode this week is special... Salman Khan has for company not two guests but four!

    The four young ladies Ratan Rajput (Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Keejo), Ragini Khanna (Bhaskar Bharati), Sara Khan (Bidaaii) and Tina Dutta (Uttaran) are all protagonists from the popular serials currently on air.

    These four girls came, saw and conquered Salman’s attention. The girls did not in the least feel shy or intimidated by his star status, instead they had a lot of fun, sang and danced with him. All the girls were fun but it was Ratan Rajput (Lali, he called her) who seemed to impress Salman the most with her chirpy, bright demeanor. Tears are for the small screen, she simply swept all competition away with her smile.

    Salman Khan is a gracious host both at home and on the sets. He has obliged the most bizarre requests from his guests on 10 Ka Dum—be it to sing or dance or enact a scene (like he did with Deepika Padukone) or even sketch and paint...hence Ratan Rajput was determined to get him to sketch something for her before she went home after the shoot.

    “He dances and sings for everybody and it goes into memory. I would like to have something as a keepsake from him,” she said before the shoot. “Had I come from home I would have brought along a sketch pad and pencil,” she moaned.

    The crew got it for her instead. Salman was surprised by her request for a sketch. But he promised her he would do one especially for her and send it across to her place.

    The three other girls, Sara Khan, Tina Dutta and Ragini Khanna jumped into the fray and said they would like one too. He promised to do one for each one of them. Now all are waiting for the special gift to arrive. Knowing Salman he will definitely keep his word!

    10 Ka Dum Every Saturday at 9.00 P.M.Only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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