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    Default Salman gets 3-lakh Cavalli jacket

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    Salman Khan was obsessed with a designer jacket while shooting for London Dreams; doting producer Vipul Shah gifted him the jacket worth Rs 3 lakh

    Salman Khan’s obsession with a designer jacket surprised his stylists and producer while shooting for London Dreams. The Roberto Cavalli jacket caught Salman’s fancy to such an extent that he sported it even when he wasn’t shooting. Finally, producer Vipul Shah felt compelled to gift the star the jacket worth Rs 3 lakh.

    Our source, who was witness to Salman’s obsessive streak, revealed, “Salman was wearing a jacket during one of the sequences in the film. The shoot got over and Salman had to go for a change. The filmmakers were surprised when he insisted on wearing the jacket again in portions that did not require him to wear it. The designers had no choice but to relent to his demand.”

    The creation from Cavalli seemed to have floored the hunk as he continued to wear it even when he wasn’t shooting. The source adds, “Salman’s obsession stemmed from the fact that the jacket was one of a kind and he really wanted to wear it as much as he could. Even during the break between the shots, the actor would be seen wearing the jacket.”

    Producer of the film, Vipul Shah, added, ‘Salman loves stylish clothes and when he went shopping and picked up this piece , his obsession with the jacket was quite palpable. He would wear it off the sets too, much to the surprise of the crew members.”

    Vipul Shah, sensing Salman’s fixation and out of love for the star, gifted the rare creation worth Rs 3 lakh to him. He concluded, “It is a small gift from me to Salman.”

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