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    The maverick Salman Khan, after campaigning for friends in the Congress, BJP and NCP contesting this general elections, is clear about one thing... politics is not on his own agenda right now.

    Yes, it is true, many political parties wooed the Killer Khan who was more of a crowd-puller than any celeb or VIP nationally in the rundown to this elections. But Salman isn’t looking at a political career for himself currently. “However, I wouldn’t say never. I don’t know any boundaries. I’m involved in a lot of social work and that’s the right way to serve the people,” he told BT just before taking off for London to shoot for his film Veer. From there, it is likely that he will fly to South Africa to stand by his friend Preity Zinta’s IPL team Punjab XI in its campaign for the Twenty20 trophy.

    Actually, it’s pretty amazing that anybody could get the moody and unpredictable Salman to campaign for them at all. But evidently he is guided by his heart and doesn’t depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations when it comes to doing things like this. “I just know, in life go straight and always take the ‘right’ turn. Anything that you do from the heart is always right,” he said smiling.

    Apparently, unlike other stars, the macho actor did not charge any money to political parties for lending his considerable support. “I just urged the electorate to go out and vote for the right candidate. Whoever I campaigned for, I did out of instinct. Nobody asked me for any support.”

    He believes the public connect with him because his life is not unlike the common man’s. “I may be a film star but my thinking and lifestyle is very basic. I understand the public’s needs, I empathise with their problems because I have been through them myself. I am very much one of them. I feel it’s important for a politician to be there and feel the pulse of the common man before making lofty promises,” said Salman candidly.

    His idea of a good leader is somebody who provides good governance and does outstanding social work. Like who? No reply, but Salman would like to see Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister again. “I am his great admirer. He is the quiet type, but under his serenity, I feel there is a powerful aura. He is the guy who can, when need arises, leave his mark with a phantom punch. I am sure he has it,” said Salman.

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