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    It’s the funniest Sallu story you’ll ever hear, and the Bollywood actor doesn’t even star in it...

    It all began when a well-dressed “customer” approached Suryakant Bhosle, who owns a flower stall near St Blaise Church at Amboli in Andheri. The man told the 52-year-old proprietor that he represented Salman Khan, and that the actor was having a party at a place in Lokhandwala.

    The customer then requested Bhosle to send someone along with him to take a look at the venue to decide on the type of flower decorations. In no time – imagining a huge order of flowers – Suryakant deputed his 15-year-old son Abhishek, and Nadu Gopal, his employee, to accompany the man to the place.

    The trio set off in an rickshaw towards Lokhandwala, when suddenly, the customer – after apparently studying Gopal for a while – ordered him out of the vehicle. “He bluntly told Nadu that he was rather unkempt and that he could not possibly take him to the venue, which was filled with the rich and famous. He also told us that he didn’t dare take someone like that in front of Salman Khan,” Abhishek recounted.

    The man then handed Rs 20 to Gopal, apologised to him, and asked him to make his way back to the stall. After a short distance, the man ordered the vehicle to halt once again and told Abhishek that it would be a good idea if he got a haircut before he met the Bollywood star. “I was completely impressed with the way the man carried himself, and he even had three mobile phones,” Abhishek said.

    In no time, the child found himself in one of the seats of E’sensual, a posh unisex salon at Shastri Nagar in Lokhandwala.

    The man then instructed the staff to give Abhishek a complete makeover, which included a bleach and a new hairdo.

    “He came up to me while I was getting a shampoo and told me to take off the black cord around my neck as it would get wet. After a while, he even asked me to take off my chain as it could get spoiled in the bleaching process. In fact, he even complained about how much he had to do just to make me look good,” Abhishek said.

    The boy then settled down for the next half an hour to a luxurious toilet that included a facial and a new haircut.

    He was finally shaken out of his reverie when he was presented a bill of Rs 1,290.

    “I was surprised, and asked them to hand over the bill to the man who had brought me in, only to be told that he had walked off long ago,” Abhishek said.
    The boy was then left with little option, but to call his father to the salon to settle the bill.

    Suryakant was livid when he heard of the way his son was duped. “The gold chain that Abhishek wore was worth over Rs 35,000, and I can’t understand how he could be so stupid. He should have protested the moment he was led into the salon,” Suryakant said. “I even had to pay for this boy’s makeover.”

    The flower vendor has now registered a complaint at the Amboli police station. When contacted, the staff at E’sensual confirmed the story.

    “This was a first-time experience for us,” said Sunny, who manages the salon. “The boy looked confused and was at a loss for words. However, his father came in and paid us for our services. We are now cooperating with the police
    in their investigations.”

    Similarly, an officer from the Amboli police station confirmed the complaint, and said that investigations are on.

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