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    Default Salina Wali Khan will strip if government doesn’t pass Anna’s bill

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    Says Delhi-based actor and model Salina Wali Khan; claims she too is a victim of corruption

    People are coming out with their own ways of showing solidarity with Anna. Delhi-based actor and model Salina Wali Khan too has joined the fray.

    Salina has said that she will dance naked if the government doesn’t pass the Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by Anna Hazare and his team.

    Speaking with MiD DAY, the actor claimed that she too is a victim of corruption and is supporting Anna Hazare who is sitting on strike at Ramlila Maidan for this very cause.

    Not for publicity

    “My decision is not for gaining publicity. I am not like other models who make controversial claims for grabbing eyeballs. I am not doing it to be famous but for the common people, ” she said.

    Salina also has grievances against Delhi police, who she claims has not paid heed towards her complaint. She accused the cops of not doing anything against a female model, who allegedly threatened her over the phone of making an obscene video.

    “Delhi police did not take action on my complaint. I am a victim, ” she said. Salina said that she became aware of Anna when he sat on a strike at Jantar Mantar demanding the Jan Lokpal bill. She says that Anna is innocent who works for the common people and not in his own interest.

    Everyone affected

    “Today everyone is with him because of his honesty and so am I. Today you face corruption at every government office. You will have to pay the babus for every little work to be done.

    Every one is affected by corruption, ” she said. Salina also claimed that she went to Ramlila Ground to support Anna on the first day of his hunger strike.

    Salina says that she had to pay Rs 500 to a government official for getting her ration card. She said that this was just one instance and she has faced corruption many times in her life.

    “Today a person can get a passport on fake documents by bribing the government official.

    But the person who is in need and is genuine is running form pillar to post. You can’t get your work done without paying a bribe, ” she said.

    Salina says that Anna is old but has awakened the country.

    “Is he fasting for himself? No! That is why he is getting support from everyone. He has managed to attract people from all religions, caste, creed etc. So, I am supporting him, ” said Salina.
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