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    Default Why Saif took a quick-fire trip to Russia?

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    There have been stories floating around about good money being pumped into the making of AGENT VINOD as well as the time it has taken to reach the finishing line. Guess all of it came with a good reasoning though. Sources reveal that Saif Ali Khan and director Sriram Raghavan were such sticklers that they didn't mind travelling thousands of miles just to get that one perfect shot, only to return to Mumbai in quick time.

    "It is a known fact that the film has been shot in various parts of the world. While most of it would be visible on screen as well, it is impossible to forget one such quick fire trip that the director and the producer-actor took to St. Petersburg (Russia) which lasted for a mere two days,"

    This isn't all as the trip resulted in just a few shots which were supposed to be quite crucial for the film's narrative. One of these features Saif Ali Khan stepping out of an airport and lasts less than a minute in duration. Even though there were suggestions to shot the scene by either putting together a set in Mumbai or taking help of the VFX, the producers decided to keep the originality of AGENT VINOD intact and made the trip.



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