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    Saif Ali Khan is charged up when he talks about his next film, Agent Vinod. Not only because he relishes the idea of playing out childhood fantasies as a secret agent with toys for boys, he is also excited about the title being his contribution as a producer.

    He admits that it is in the realm of tacky cool, which is a source of amusement and intrigue for him. Saif says, “With ‘Agent Vinod’, I got a sense of cinema which I’ve grown up with. To me there is something outstanding about that title, because it is almost ... almost a little tacky today. But, if it’s made in a particular way and is written in a particular way, it could be the coolest thing ever. It has a bit of a retro element. Just to give you an example: take the title ‘Mission: Impossible’. It is tacky. It’s cheesy.

    But when Brian de Palma directs it and Tom Cruise acts in it, and you see the poster, then you say Mission Impossible is a pulp title. So Agent Vinod has also got a pulp element to it.” It reminds him of cinema where Mithun and company took the kitschy to a cult level. He says with boyish excitement, “It takes us back to the 1970s. It takes us back to the cross between Vinod Khanna and Mithun Chakraborty. Think Suraksha. Think dark glasses. Or the Great Gambler. This film is not that. The feeling it brings is what people will subliminally get. I think it’s my contribution, a creative ace as a producer.”

    He has taken pains to avoid replicating the typical Bond or Bourne stereotype. He animatedly describes his character, “He’s not camp and no one is drinking vodka martinis or sleeping with lots of girls or wearing a tux. There are some machine guns, fast driving, glass breaking on peoples head, lots of stuff blowing up. And I love that.”

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