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    Default Saif & Imtiaz: Men in black

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    Actor Saif Ali Khan and director, Imtiaz Ali, might have completely contrasting personalities, but they both appeared to be best buddies while

    they addressed the media in Jaipur recently.

    Dressed in black tees and denims, the first thing that both of them did, when they came to the venue, was not to wave to the fans, but to hug each other tightly, as if meeting after a real long time.

    And then, when they began to talk, they praised each other so much, they could have started a mutual admiration society right there. Phir bhi, Kareena was not far from Saif’s thoughts – in fact, Kareena was not very far at all. She was in Jaipur too – just that she preferred waiting in the hotel than be a part of the press conference.

    “Both of us are professional people,” said Saif, giving us the reason for why she had stayed back, “And we respect each other’s work and priorities, so she preferred to stay back.” And then, everyone present wanted to see Saif's Kareena tattoo – Saif tried to show it to all, and this made Imtiaz smirk. Saif was at his talkative best, and willingly spoke about anything and everything. And Imtiaz just interrupted now and then...

    It was Imtiaz who got stuck amongst eager beavers and autograph seekers. Saif had made a safe exit – aided by the bouncers and a chor darwaza at the far end of the hall. And that was when Imtiaz came to his element. He didn’t let the crowd down. He signed autographs, got himself clicked (even outside the washroom) and did everything possible to cheer everyone up.

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