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    The film industry is reeling under the effects of recession. And actor-producer Saif isn’t far behind. He has remained within budget for his first home production Love Aaj Kal directed by Imtiaz Ali. So much so, reveal sources, Khan recently turned down a suggestion by Ali to re-shoot a song in the film. However, the director wasn’t ready to bow down, and finally convinced Saif to go ahead with the re-shoot. A source reveals that Imtiaz’s suggestion surprised Saif. “During post production, Ali realised that a song hadn’t quite turned up the way he wanted it to. When he showed Saif the song in question, the actor wasn’t convinced that changes needed to be made.” The two were locked in an heated argument. Khan felt they should go ahead with what they have to control expenses.
    “Saif even gave Imtiaz the recession excuse. But the director wouldn’t budge. He clearly told the actor that the song should be re-shot.” The source adds that the film, save for the song, is complete; and will be re-shot in the coming days. “Saif agreed to re-shoot the song at Imtiaz’s persistence.” Khan rubbishes the rumours. He says, “This is completely untrue. That song is complete. Just five days of shooting is left for another song, some patchwork scenes and a promotional video. I meet Imtiaz every day in office to discuss the publicity of the film. Why would I disagree to do something my director wants?
    We are all on the same team and Love Aaj Aur Kal is my production. If Imtiaz wants something re-done he will do it. Why would I stand in his way? It will never be an issue amongst any director and me.”

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