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    Default Saif: I donít think any terrorist is a Muslim

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    Saif Ali Khan is preparing religiously for his role of a Islamic fundamentalist in Resil DíSilvaís untitled flick and his research for his role has made his politically and religiously more aware.

    Saif says, ďThe role has not only made me more politically aware, it has also made me more religious. Earlier, I was more spiritual than religious. I knew a lot of things about Islam and always believed in the higher power. But when I did a lot of reading on Islam, the one most decisive thing that I learnt had to do with Allah. We tend to presume Allah to be the Muslim God. But Allah is the Arab word for the Ďsame Godí, or the Ďone true Godí that, I thought, was a wonderful thing to learn while doing this character. All religions believe in the oneness of God. So whatís all the fighting about? Whether itís Christianity, Islam or Judaism, many of the religions have fought a holy war at one time or another. Itís been a part of religious history.Ē

    Saifís co-star in the movie is Vivek Oberoi, Saif reveals, ďItís the most politically relevant character Iíve played. Though my character Langda Tyagi in Omkara was a political creature, his politics was subverted. In Rensilís film, I play the Jehadi as a very real and suave gentleman, dressed in very dapper clothes like a college professor and hence more frightening. I play an Islamic fundamentalist while Vivek Oberoi plays the more moderate Muslim.Ē

    ďTo me the whole point of being an actor is to become characters I canít be in real life. My character in Rensilís film is redeemed at the end. But even if he wasnít, Iíd still say yes to a role that explores my emotions that lie too deep for fears and tears. My character in Rensilís film has become the way he has because of the way Americans have treated Afghanistan and other Islamic states. I donít think 26/11 or earlier 9/11 are Islamic acts. No matter what people say, I donít think any terrorist is a Muslim. Letís make that distinction very clear. Of course the population of Afghanistan may disagree with me. But I condemn 26/11 as a deed done by non-Muslims.Ē

    Looks like Saif has turned more wiser now, thanks to his new director.

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