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    Default Saif Ali Khan down with stomach infection

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    They thought it was malaria. It now appears the Chota Nawab only has a stomach infection. Docs advise three-day rest. This time, it was suspected to be malaria. Last year, he was hospitalised for intestine infection (after eating bhelpuri) and this time too, it started with stomach pain. He later developed a fever. Saif and girlfriend Kareena have been travelling all over London and Dubai to promote their next release, Kurbaan. Itís been hectic and they have been constantly eating out.

    While Kareena sticks to the healthy stuff, Saif is adventurous and likes to try exotic dishes and also ODs on junk food. He took ill after coming from Dubai where he had a lot of seafood.Some of his symptoms were indicative of malaria and some of jaundice. Bebo was very anxious and cancelled their appointments till the doctor said it was nothing serious. After his health problem last year, she didnít want to take any chances this time and they did some tests anyway. Says Kareena, ďPoor Saif. Heís been down with a 102-degree temperature.

    The promotional stuff for Kurbaan has been delayed by a couple of days as he now needs to rest. Initially, we thought it could be malaria or typhoid but the tests revealed a mild stomach problem.He loves eating outside food and has been gorging on oysters and lobsters abroad a bit much, I guess. I was worried as I couldnít spend all day with him. I have been promoting Kurbaan and 3 Idiots and working 16 hours a day.ĒSaif laughs, ďPeople think itís serious every time I fall unwell but I just had a bad bout of stomach infection this time.

    I am better now. I had a blood test done but itís not malaria. I wonít have to go to hospital this time. I am resting for a couple of days.Ē

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