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    Default Saif Ali Khan demands Rs 5 Crores after hotel scuffle

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    Saif Ali Khan demands Rs 5 Crores after hotel scuffle
    The tenth Nawab of Patuadi Saif Ali Khan who has lately been in news with his recent scuffle with NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma has turned out be the talk of the B-Town for another reason.

    The latest buzz is that Saif Ali Khan who is still in troubled waters for his alleged attack on Sharma is demanding a higher amount for his endorsement deals.

    A source informs us, “Saif usually gets around Rs 2.5 crore for any endorsements. But apparently he has suddenly demanded a higher amount for new endorsements being offered to him. It looks like the whole brawl incident has instead helped the nawab, as brands scurry in to cash in on his present limelight.”

    According to the source, Saif is demanding double the amount he previously used to get,which comes to around Rs5 crore. Wondering what kind of reactions he was met with? Apparently the advertisers are more than happy to comply. “The advertisers know that he is making the news right now.

    Furthermore, his movie Agent Vinod is also up for release. “Everyone wants to cash in on his new brand value, the value of which is pretty high right now. And everyone wants to benefit from their new ‘cash cow’ right now,” the source adds.

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