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    Ameesha got Chi Chi to shoot when he wanted to pack-up

    While many producers and directors have tried their best to get Govinda to mend his ways and stop delaying shoots, no one has managed to pull off this impossible task. Enter Ameesha Patel.

    Recently when they were shooting together, the actress got the actor to stay back and shoot for a few hours more to save the producer some money in recession times.

    A source from the unit squeals, "We were filming a song sequence with Govinda and Ameesha for Run Bhola Run at Film City last week at night.

    Around 8 pm Govinda decided to pack up! He told the director that he had some work at home and had to leave."

    Tense situation

    The source continues, "The situation on the set was tense as the actor was required for a couple of shots more, and if he walked out, it meant wasting half a shift the next day which mean additional expenditure. The director begged him to reconsider but Chi Chi was adamant."

    Ameesha was watching this drama unfold from the sidelines. Adds the source, "When Chi Chi was walking out, Ameesha went up to him and said, 'Chi Chi please karlo na.' She told him that they would complete shoot by 10 pm.

    She told him that would save half day's shoot the next day, and they coukld get more work done the following. And to everyone's surprise, Govinda who never listens to anybody meekly acquiesced."

    When quizzed about it, the actress confesses, "When he said no, I don't know what came over me!

    I guess I just wanted to help the producer and the choreographer Caesar, so I told Chi Chi we would complete the shots by 10 pm. He was very sweet and complied. That really touched me."

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