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    Default Rozlyn Khan bares her top for breast cancer awareness

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    Milky white sexy damsel Rozlyn Khan is heard to have gone for a provocative and seductive style of gaining limelight, she sheds her top for breast cancer awareness and posed for three hot pictures featuring her in topless.

    Rozlyn aims to make people aware about the early detection and cure of fatal disease like breast cancer.

    Rozlyn reportedly said, "There are so many women who die just because they are unaware of the symptoms of the dreaded disease.

    She further added, “Through my campaign to spread awareness about breast cancer, I want to inform and educate all to be cautious and careful."

    Rozlyn believes that if people are made aware about symptoms and cure, the disease could be early detected which can save numerous lives. She said, “Even if I manage to spread the word to a few thousand, I'd be more than contended with it."

    Model/actress Rozlyn Khan, who was thriving to hog the limelight had lost a role, after removing her breast implants. Rozlyn was auditioned for a musical film, and she got her silicon implants detached as she was expecting a breast cancer fear.

    Rozlyn says that she shocked with the director, who immediately refused her after he came known that her implants were removed, but Rozlyn came out with a fight against breast cancer by endorsing a campaign.



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