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    Default Rockstar singer Mohit Chauhan talks about his hush-hush wedding

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    Mohit Chauhan is a known name in the world of music and entertainment. His voice can often cast an enchanting spell on listeners sending them to a land abundant with peace and serenity. Now, this Rockstar, got married to his long time friend Prarthana on 29 June. In a candid interview with Movie Chakkar, Mohit talks about his hush-hush wedding, work, music and moreÖExcerpts

    Why so secretive about your marriage, Mohit?

    (laughs in embarrassment) I am here in my hometown in Himachal still going through the post-wedding rituals. The weeding took place on 29 June (2012). My wedding was a very private affair for close family only. I will now have a reception for all my friends in Mumbai or Delhi. There are too many friends to be invited .As soon as I am back in Mumbai Iíll weíll take a call on the

    You seem to be completely cut off from Mumbai right now?

    Yes. I took a firm decision on making the wedding a very private affair.

    Tell me about your wife.

    Her name is Prarthana. So Iíve no choice but to be deeply religious in life (laughs).It is a love-cum-arranged marriage. Prarthana and I have known each other for some years. She was my friend, and then we thought we should take our friendship to another level.

    So you married your best friend?

    (laughs) Not quite. She was a friend. I liked spending time with her. Zindagi mein bahut dost milte hain. Some turn out to be extra-special. And if youíre lucky one of them turns out to be the one you want to spend your life with. The vibration between the two of us is wonderful. With Prarathana I felt she was not just a friend but also someone who contributed substantially to my singing.

    Is Prarthana interested in music?

    She is interested in music. But she isnít a singer. She is a writer and a journalist. But she loves music. And she is contributing in terms of ideas and lyrics to my songs in my new album which would be out soon.

    So did you go through all the rituals like a good boy?

    (laughs) Traditionally our Himachal weddings take a week. My marriage took two days. I return to Mumbai in some time. Iíve been getting calls asking where I am. I need to get back to work.

    Tell me about your new album?

    This would be my third solo album. There will be one song in the English language. Iíve also dedicated one song to my roots in Himachal. Iíve composed all the tunes. My wife is part of the album. The whole idea of doing a non-film album is to make it a personal statement. A private album has to be about the artiste. It gives the musician complete freedom to say what I want to.

    Have you had anything comparable to Rockstar coming your way?

    That was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am thankful to God I got it. No,I havenít got a similar offer. Yes, I am working with Rahman saab again. But for an opportunity like Rockstar Iíll have to wait a while.

    Do you feel more complete after marriage?

    Getting married is definitely a very comforting feeling. I didnít take the plunge for a long time. Now I am glad I did. I now have someone to share my thoughts and my creative ideas with. Most importantly I now have someone to come back home to in Mumbai.



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