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    Default Rishi Kapoor was unsure about ROCKSTAR music

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    Believe it or not but Ranbir is candid enough to admit that his dad Rishi Kapoor didn't quite warm up instantly to the music of ROCKSTAR. Not just that, he even went on to term the music as 'average' since he didn't quite feel immersed in the essence of the soundtrack. However it was only after repeated hearing that he explored finer nuances in the music here, only to get hooked on to it for weeks at stretch.


    Says Ranbir, 'The first time when my father heard the album, it had only scratch versions of the songs as the final master copy was yet to be made. However I still wanted him to listen to the music since Imtiaz as well as I were quite high on it and wanted dad's feedback on it. He is anyways quite vocal about what he feels for my movies and music so he didn't hesitate at all in immediately labelling the songs as average.'



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